Creative lightening for Bedroom

Using Creative Illumination Techniques to Enhance Your Bedroom

Bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any residential building. Since bedroom is a place where you look forward to going to rest at night and wake up in the morning, getting the lighting right is very essential. Properly executed lighting designs can make small bedrooms look bigger and create an atmosphere of your choice.

enhance illuminating

For having the best lighting design in your room, you cannot rely on just one main light source to illuminate the whole room. The creative techniques mentioned below will help you re-energize your bedroom and make it sleep-worthy.

  • Lighting in Layers

Introducing multiple layers of light seamlessly in a bedroom including natural light, ambient light, task light, accent light, dimmers, etc. is the key to creating the best lighting. This implies to searching for the right balance between all kinds of major lights in a bedroom. Layered lighting is an idea of using various lighting techniques within a same bedroom. Each variety of light will illuminate a specified zone or feature, whose results are greater than the sum of all the techniques.

  • Flexible lighting scheme

Lighting requirement tend to change almost every time the project implementation progresses. This is why one of the key part of lighting design in a bedroom is flexibility. For that, lighting controls have to have simple design, require few details and be able to change quickly to adapt over time. Flexible lighting scheme will help to address today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges. 

  • Balanced warm light

As a part of human rhythm, warm light feels natural and increases relaxation. The color temperature scale that range from 2700K to 3000K are warm lights. This kind of light help us finish the day and get ready to sleep. Warmer color resonates with us perhaps because of the color of evening. Side table lamps or pendant light with warm colored bulbs inside are very essential for a bedroom to be relaxing. 

  • Natural Light 

Capturing abundance of natural light is one of the best ways to invite outdoor elegance into the most private room in your house. Having a lot of natural light entering in your bedroom makes it feel spacious and opens up the space. When you are spending your time in there during the day natural light helps to make a clear and roomy feel. The best way to draw a lot of light is to design a wide, floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom. Another way is to build skylight windows if the room is on the highest floor.

  • Mirrors

Mirror are a great way to enhance all kinds of natural and artificial lights. If a mirror is placed well in your bedroom, it will help to reflect the lights into darker corners where it is needed or where the light can’t reach from the entry point at the window.

  • Primary Light

Having a main light in your bedroom is very important as it gives you the option for full brightness and a clear view all around. For this you can choose a lighting fixture that blends with the interior design theme of your bedroom.